C - Type is a simple shoot-em-up game, with a little twist - you must shoot enemies whose color match you bullets color. You shoot enemies and try to avoid being hit by enemies, so this is mostly bullet dodging:) Enemies fire bullets in various patterns (or to say differently using various weapons). These weapons can easily be customised or created (see README for that) giving a bit different experience. The game also features Two player mode. See screen shots below and a video at YouTube, download and play ;)

Screen shots



The game runs well on quite old Pentium 4 1.6Ghz with GeForce 2 and 384 RAM, so i guess almost anyone should be able to run this, provided they have needed 3d drivers.


  For now there are binaries for Windows (32 bit, tested on XP only), and Linux (also 32 bit). Source is messy, and not package in nice source tarball. Provided source package is just source files with Code Blocks project. But if you manage to compile or run on other platforms let me know.
  Windows version includes all needed libs, so it should run right away. On Linux you need: Ogre 3D (preferably > 1.6.5, cannot guaranty that it will work with earlyer), CEGUI ( pref. 0.6.2, cannot guaranty for 0.7.0), OIS, SDL, SDL_mixer, OgreCEGUIRenderer, ogg, vorbis. It seems Ubuntu 9.04 has CEGUI built wrongly, so you might have trouble running the game(you can try compiling CEGUI) or you can use this PPA and install mentioned libs. If you have difficulties running the game on Linux post about it using link below. If I get some post about trouble I'll probably build static Linux binaries or package with some needed libs.
Post here if you have any trouble or here if you want to comment on game.(I'd appreciate constructive criticism)


Windows 32 bit binaries: c_type0.9_win32.zip
Linux binaries (32 bit): c_type0.9_linux_x86.tbz2